Trip Details

Mandatory Waiver and Rules

Spearfishing Wahoo on Table by American Flag

Due to the nature of the sport and liability associated all divers will be required to sign a waiver before the trip. The waiver will explain the rules of diving on the Bar Stroll. Please inquire to get a copy prior to putting down a deposit. 

SAFETY - #1 Concern - A med kit and tourniquet will be on board at all times. 

  1. No divers will be allowed to drink alcohol while still actively diving, only after if they wish.
  2.  No single dive trips, all divers must have a buddy in the water at all times. 

What's Included in Private Spearfishing Trips

Bar Stroll 28 Contender Boats

Your charter will be on the "Bar Stroll" named after the outer reef called "the bar" as a spin off to bar hopping out on the town. The Bar Stroll will take you down the outer reef in search of one of the oceans fastest predators. The Bar Stroll is a 28' Contender with a pair of 200 Suzuki outboards. 

Your trip will include water to drink and fresh water to shower. For spearfishing the boat will have flashers for the group, limited tools and repair equipment, and guns and floats for rent.

Additionally in water guide and professional photography service can be provided for $150 - $250 per trip depending on duration. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Spearfishing Wahoo in Hands of Freediver

In the event a trip needs to be cancelled please let us know immediately. Trips cancelled within 10 days of the reservation will forfeit their deposit. All trips must be paid in full prior to leaving the dock. In the event of inclimate weather the trip can be cancelled at the Captains discretion at the dock. In the case of a cancellation due to weather a full refund will be issued. We will not put our clients in harms way. 

In the event of sea sickness we will return to the dock, the trip that was booked will be paid in full.